Running a Kickstarter Campaign: Lesson Learned

This fall I ran a Kickstarter campaign for my poetry chapbook, Is Choosing a Goat Like Choosing a Dog? and I learned quite a bit.

  1. Most of the people who donated are awesome people from my life.

    I knew that this project was going to be niche, and I knew that most of my support would come from my friends and family. I am very lucky that I’m part of such a great writer’s group who supported me not only in the writing of the collection, but in the funding of its printing as well. Thank you everyone!

  2. Self publishing is hard work.

    I knew that trying to get my poetry book published and out into the world would require work, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the reality. It took time to set up the kickstarter, and then I had to find it in myself to ask people to give me money. That was the weirdest thing because I’m not used to talking about my work or selling my work that much. Now that the campaign is complete, I’ll have to spend time promoting the book, which I need to plan for so I can be as successful at that as I was at the kickstarter campaign.

  3. Being Supportive is Essential

    I knew that Kickstarter was a great place for artists to get their projects funded and to get the word out about new projects in development, but I had never really spent a lot of time on the site just looking around. The amount of creativity in the world is amazing and I’m amazed that so many people believe in their projects that they’ll ask people to give them money to see them through. As I prepared for my Kickstarter journey, I made it a point to support others, because I loved the idea of being a stranger who helped these others out and I hope that others will do it for me one day. I think we need to support each other if we like a project. It’s the only way we can survive as artists.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment if you’ve used Kickstarter and share your thoughts!

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